The Meaning Behind My Blog Name….


I didn’t always feel ‘this way’ about Dragonflies. In my past life (i.e. pre-divorce) they were nothing more than a flying insect. At age 39, my journey began. The journey of finding myself, finding me. It would be 5 years before the dragonfly would enter my life in a meaningful way. On a wing and a prayer my husband and I uprooted and moved 625 miles from our families to start a new life on what has now become our island home. With few possessions, no jobs and $600 to our names we took a chance on a gut feeling we both experienced while visiting 4 months earlier. We were, and still are very Blessed. Things just seemed to fall into place. We had met a few ‘island folks’ who immediately became friends. Within a month my husband had a job interview which would eventually lead to a full time job, doing what he truly loves. That summer, while sitting in our yard with a friend, a dragonfly showed up, and continued to hover and hang around. This friend, a Native American explained that in Native American culture, the dragonfly is a symbol of resurrection and renewal. How fitting for me, for us. We were starting over, completely over. There had/have been many bumps in the road, with as many twists and turns, but each obstacle found us, found me stronger. It also represents freedom, and I was finally free from my past, free to be the ‘real me’. Though I’m still a work in progress and always will be!!


On this, my continuous journey, I’ve also been looking for spiritual enlightenment. Having been raised a Catholic, I broke away from it and any religion a long time ago. I found it to constricting, to one-sided. It wasn’t until I moved down here, that I found my true religion and church. I found it on the beach. It is where I can go and reconnect, where I can ‘talk’ and pray, and even get some answers in the most amazing and wonderful ways. I’ve seen it, I’ve felt it. Once the blinders come off, it’s amazing what you can SEE. Hence the name, Spiritual Dragonfly……….They also exemplify Change and Living In the Moment……….all these things spoke and continue to speak to me.