10 thoughts on “DayDreaming

      • Lord Drollery and I used to just go at the drop of a hat when we first got married. Took us six years to get pregnant. But even after that we’d get a wild hair and take off a couple times a year sans kiddo. The older we’ve gotten the less inclined we are to do that. Partly finances. Getting ready to retire. But here at home (and always when I was working) I function much better in a routine with clear boundaries. I always figured I was drawn to both routine AND spontaneity because I was a Gemini! 🙂

      • Well I hope he has a hobby. Arn doesn’t and the thought of him retiring scares me to death because i don’t want to have to entertain him 24/7! I already raised TWO kids! 🙂

      • HaHA!!!!! I’m his hobby!! His idea is to either get an RV and take to the road or live in a houseboat!!! Right now we live in a small island cottage with one closet and a German Shepard….I NEED my ‘me’ time so this will get interesting……

      • Good heavens. I wouldn’t know how to act if I were Arn’s hobby! (rolls eyes…) A houseboat sounds interesting. There’s not much to do here in Utah unless you like hiking and outdoorsy stuff. He’s learning to fly fish with our son. Hope it takes! They’re catch and release fishers so it’s all good. Where do you guys call home?

      • Oh! That’s where the wild ponies are, isn’t it? Our daughter lives in College Park, Maryland right on the edge of the UofM campus. Her husband Jesse works for the Department of Education in D.C. We have a brand-spankin’ new baby daughter born last week whom we’re coming to meet in September. It will have been almost two years since we’ve seen our two oldest grandsons (5 and 3). But Stef was here with our third one (he was a year) at Christmas. Jesse’s trying to find a job back here. They love the area and culture there (she is from India), but miss their friends here. One can only hope!

      • Yes!! We’re famous for our ponies! Congratulations on your new grandbaby! It’s not easy living so far from your children…all mine live in Pa……I have a Stef too!! :))))))

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