Once you buy the ticket and take the ride inward, that’s when the fun begins. Hold on to your hats, brothers and sisters, because smashing your ego to reveal your true self is one hell of a ride.

I AM……..ME

Those stretch marks,,those wrinkles…badges of honor.

I always have a little seashell with me, in my purse, my backpack, pocket.
As well as peppermint lifesavers (thanks grandpa).

I love sitting in the dark, with my little white lights on, in silence.
I AM a dreamer. I AM a photographer. I AM a yogi-wanna be.

I believe in miracles, in Angels, in everything happens for a reason.
I AM a believer in love in all its forms. I love dragonflies, and trees.
Sunrise fills me with awe. Nature is my church.

Dark chocolate, coffee and tattoos are my addictions, and not always in that order. I journal everyday, trying to find my voice. I’m afraid of failing, which stops me from stepping out of my comfort zone. I’m working on it…………

I AM a seeker. Wanderlust runs through my veins.

I AM strong, yet weak. I’ve been a victim, but I Am a survivor. I AM a wife, I AM a mother, I AM a nana…….I AM Linda Marie