I AM……..ME

Those stretch marks,,those wrinkles…badges of honor.

I always have a little seashell with me, in my purse, my backpack, pocket.
As well as peppermint lifesavers (thanks grandpa).

I love sitting in the dark, with my little white lights on, in silence.
I AM a dreamer. I AM a photographer. I AM a yogi-wanna be.

I believe in miracles, in Angels, in everything happens for a reason.
I AM a believer in love in all its forms. I love dragonflies, and trees.
Sunrise fills me with awe. Nature is my church.

Dark chocolate, coffee and tattoos are my addictions, and not always in that order. I journal everyday, trying to find my voice. I’m afraid of failing, which stops me from stepping out of my comfort zone. I’m working on it…………

I AM a seeker. Wanderlust runs through my veins.

I AM strong, yet weak. I’ve been a victim, but I Am a survivor. I AM a wife, I AM a mother, I AM a nana…….I AM Linda Marie


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