Day 8……30 Day Wild Challenge…World Oceans Day

“Together let’s ensure oceans can sustain us into the future. Let us reflect on the multiple benefits of the oceans. Let us commit to keep them healthy and productive and to use their resources peacefully, equitably and sustainably for the benefit of current and future generations.” ~Ban Ki-moon~

Took my Soul Stroll on the beach this morning,,,,,well aware what today is…..knowing I’d be picking up garbage washed along the shoreline….





This breaks my heart. It never fails…..the park rangers do a morning round of picking up garbage left by beach visitors…but they can’t get everything….and you never know what’s going to be deposited by the waves……it’s amazing to me that the same people who claim love for our beaches and oceans are the same ones who think nothing of using the sand for their ashtray…think nothing of leaving plastic bags and bottles to be swept out to sea……if each one of us did out small part….think of the ripple effect……….


We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea–whether it is to sail or to watch it–we are going back from whence we came.”  ~John F. Kennedy~ 


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