Day 12……30 Day Wild Challenge….Soul Stroll

“When the world threatens to flood my barricades,                                                         

I run to my centre, my calm, my bliss.” ~©Alison Stormwolf~

Today was all about ‘just being’ in and with nature. I’ve taken to calling my walks, my Soul Strolls. I’ve been hitting it pretty lucky and finding the beach virtually empty of people……


When I looked down I saw Angel wings…… 

” Withdraw yourself                                                                                                     

from the never ending masquerade of life. 

Go within, there you will find your treasure.” 

~©Alison Stormwolf|

There is beauty found in the imperfect…….

My meditation spot…..Reconnection with self is vital….I find the older I get the more I search out places where I can be alone away from all the busyness….


Peace from the beach ✌️

“Inner peace is oxygen to the spirit.”  ~©Alison Stormwolf~



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