Day 15……30 Day Wild Challenge…..Foggy You Say?!

Personally, I love a Foggy Morning  Stroll….there’s something mysterious about a day trying to ‘hide’ things from you.

 I almost didn’t go for my Soul Stroll this morning…waking to fog I thought maybe I should put it off…..but the pull I felt was stronger than my thought to stay home.

  There really is something mysterious about the fog….walking into the mist, not knowing what is going to show itself to you till your almost on top of it.


  Made my contribution to this years ‘beach treasure’ tree. Each year a new one is started…..


 I then spent some time creating my own beach/nature art.  

 What started out as a getting back to the wild challenge has turned into a getting back to myself journey…reconnecting with my own inner spirit….nature and spirit really do go hand in hand……..


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