Tuesday’s Pondering…..(Recap of Day 2..Blogging 101)

I decided to add a bit to my tag line. I believe it’s a good fit for me and my blog………the good thing is, I can always change it :)))))

This morning’s affirmation gave me plenty to think about while on my Soul Stroll…….I’ve had this book sitting on my shelf for years. I’d pick it up every now and then, but it never clicked….until now. I guess I’m just ready?!?! I find this affirmation to be true…I never really put it together, but it makes perfect sense in every way…physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. When I don’t listen to my inner voice and let myself get caught up in and by negative outside influences, talk about feeling like a slug!!!!!!!! 


Of course, walking ‘my beach’ always has a positive affect on me…..one can not NOT ‘Feel Alive’ once your feet are in salt water. 

“A trip to the beach has the power to restore us to ourselves, to even our keels, to lighten our hearts.”  ~Unknown~ 



4 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Pondering…..(Recap of Day 2..Blogging 101)

  1. Wonderful quotes, and beautiful pictures. Beaches, water,and even wind have been inspiring writers always. I sense that nature inspires you, and I like the warm colors also. What is it about the dragonfly that made you choose it?

  2. Soul Stroll….I love that! I’ve always felt like that little internal voice was God speaking to me. I’ve learned over the years to listen and I’ve NEVER been sorry.

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