Blogging 101…Day 3….Say Hello To My Neighbors….

So todays assignment has us getting out there meeting our fellow bloggers!!! Up till now I would happen upon a blog but have never really gone out there searching….so this was fun for me.

First up is Hoof Beats and Foot Prints…..Aside from the obvious that I love horses, nature and photography and this blog has all three…I get to ‘travel’ and see other places through another’s eyes.

Next is Incidental Naturalist……again, another nature blog..can’t help myself. I’m drawn to it. And David’s photos are beautiful. He had me at his pelican!! :))))

On to Aging Gracefully My Ass……The Title had me……Enough said!!

Next on the list for today is Truth and Cake…The title drew me in…..and I like Rian’s vibe!!!

….and last, but certainly not least is The Little Library Café….again, the title drew me in…What’s not to love….I love books and I love to eat!!! :)))

I’m know I’ll be adding to the list!! So many blogs…so little time!!!!


3 thoughts on “Blogging 101…Day 3….Say Hello To My Neighbors….

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