My Nana Moments….

“From a little girl so very small, how and when did you get so tall?” ~Karen Mortensen~


 My first grandchild, Emily……….. How fast the time goes. Seems like yesterday she was my little sweet pea………fast forward 11 years……..

She’s still my sweet pea……but 12 going on  She’s been visiting for 2 weeks and I cherish these visits with her….I’m not sure how long it will be before she decides hanging out with Nana isn’t cool! lol Right now she thinks I’m cool enough,,,,slightly weird, “in a good way Nana!”  I introduced her to some yoga and in return I was introduced to the world of Pretty Little Liars! Major compromise there,,,it was that or listen to her music……I got off easy with PLL!!! 😜

And one always wins points when one says gelato for dinner….’cause I’m cool like that!!! 

 “Nana’s are moms with lots of frosting.”  ~Unknown~  ( in my case ice cream!)


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