Blogging 101…..Days 7 & 8

Playing a bit of catch up here. For Day’s 7 assignment, I already had added a few widgets last week, so I opted for and  managed to add the Blogging 101 Badge to my side bar….after a few, ok more than a few tries!!! :)))) YAY!!! Day 8 we were to visit and comment on some of our neighbors blogs who we haven’t commented on before. I decided to hit up Freshly Pressed first. The first blog to stand out to me was a post titled “Searching for my grandfather in the pages of his college textbook” by ONE FIFTY. The Title grabbed me as I was close to and miss my Grandfather so very much. Next up was the post titled ‘The colors we forgot we had’ by HOPE STATE STYLE. Beautiful photos to go along with an interesting blog about weaving and dyeing. I then headed over to  Recommended Pages and came across a blog post titled “Canyonlands View” by Pursuit of Life.  Beautiful photographs! and last but certainly not least I came across a post on a blog called Cuteness Overload and its exactly what the name implies…..over the top cuteness guaranteed to make you smile!!!!


3 thoughts on “Blogging 101…..Days 7 & 8

  1. Thanks for sharing the blogs that you’ve checked out today. I think you might have posted the wrong link for “cuteness overload”. I’d love to take a look at it, too, if you post the link. Thank you!

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