Opening and Finding Myself in The Pages Of A Book….

I’m a self-confessed book nerd. I love books. I love to read. I can spend all day in a book store, large or small,  perusing the shelves. My favorite books..I’ve read over and over again. A few are dog eared, written in and highlighted of my favorite quotes/passages…my go-to, all time fave, that actually has a permanent place in my backpack is………..

Obviously, I have a love for the sea, the beach. When I stumbled upon this little book in our local library 9 years ago, I was just starting my new life here on our little island. It beckoned to me. As soon as I opened it and started reading it, I knew immediately I had to get my own copy, as I wanted to pick up a high lighter right then and there….I did the only thing I could do…got on Amazon and ordered my own book and started writing these words into my journal.

Richard’s words spoke to me that day…..I can still feel the excitement I felt as I read each page…like he had written this little book just for me…I could feel the hairs stand on the back of my neck…little chills as I continued to read on…

My own copy is a bit beat up now. It travels with me wherever I go……I never tire of reading these words……it came into my life at a crucuial time of change….

….and today, my life is still forever changing…my journey continues….and Richard’s words still guide me.

Gradually, if I go with courage and wisdom, I arrive at my destination, a place called paradise. It is not a land free of struggle, a realm devoid of pain or grief. But it is the place where I feel at home, where I am suppose to be.” ~Richard Bode~


13 thoughts on “Opening and Finding Myself in The Pages Of A Book….

  1. Beautiful post. Serendipity is a funny thing. There’s nothing like finding yourself in a time and place and realizing something in that moment was waiting just for you. Will be adding this one to my “must reads”.

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  3. I must not have met you yet seeing as how Plato was warning you about my hardheadedness! LMBO! He’s certainly not afraid to call me on it! Last night I got (when whining about the way I handle certain things) “Ok, sweetie. How’s that workin’ for you?” Reminds me of good times.

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