Tattoo….You??? Yes ….Me!!!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Tattoo….You?

Me, posting a blog twice in one day!!! YIKES!! I came across todays prompt in another’s blog and couldn’t pass it up…..and here’s a shout out to Impromptu Promptlings who turned me on to todays prompt….

Tattoos are such a personal thing….each and everyone I have holds special meaning to me… total I have 6 dragonflies (bet you couldn’t see that one coming!!) They tell my story, my journey.


Dragonflies represent to much for me to go into, as I’ve done so in a previous blog..but rest assure that I don’t take them lightly….My children’s initials are in the first 3………….I also have my grandchildren’s names, my Celtic wedding band that I lost is now a tattoo…..the word Believe (a very powerful word to me) is also in one of my dragonflies and on my back, along with a water fairy, she represents my love of the sea…the key and lock are reminders to me that I hold the key to my destiny…..






Am I done? Not even close… life is a continuous journey….so long as I have room on my body, I’ll be telling it in ink.


6 thoughts on “Tattoo….You??? Yes ….Me!!!

  1. OML! Your tattoos are awesome enough (I have a real thing for the sea, too), but your header up there is absolutely breathtaking! It’s the first one I’ve seen I like better than mine. So beautiful. Did you do it yourself?

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