……and I’m Walking…..

Walking meditation is practicing meditation while walking. It can bring you joy and peace while you practice it. Take short steps in complete relaxation; go slowly with a smile on your lips, with your heart open to an experience of peace. You can feel truly at ease with yourself. Your steps can be those of the healthiest, most secure person on earth. All sorrows and worries can drop away while you are walking. To have peace of mind, to attain self-liberation, learn to walk in this way. It is not difficult. You can do it. Anyone can do it who has some degree of mindfulness and a true intention to be happy.(http://www.dhammatalks.net/Books2/Thich_Nhat_Hanh_A_Guide_to_Walking_Meditation.htm)


Walking…..the benefits are endless. It’s good for the mind, body and soul….and it’s free!!! I love to walk, and it kills me to be sidelined the way that I am. The pain I’m in prevents me from walking to far, and walking on concrete, forget it….which is why my Soul Strolls have been limited to the beach lately…..I can manage the sand without to much pain. I’m grateful that I can at least do that…..and if I HAVE to walk somewhere….I can’t ask for more than my beach….

When you practice walking meditation, you go for a stroll. You have no purpose or direction in space or time. The purpose of walking meditation is walking meditation itself. Going is important, not arriving. Walking meditation is not a means to an end; it is an end. Each step is life; each step is peace and joy. That is why we don’t have to hurry. That is why we slow down. We seem to move forward, but we don’t go anywhere; we are not drawn by a goal. Thus we smile while we are walking.

It’s humbling to not be able to move or do the things I used to do….I know I have to listen to my body….I just get pissed off every now and then….wanting my body to listen to me…….and it basically gives me the perverbial finger…lol

Needless to say, when I don’t listen to it, I inevitably pay for it later on….so I’m learning to work with it because the alternative is not something I want to consider……

Walking with ease and with peace of mind on the earth is a wonderful miracle.  


8 thoughts on “……and I’m Walking…..

  1. That picture of the sunset is beautiful. Walking meditation — I’ve tried this so many times. I’m not good at it. Seems I’m not good at much when it’s outdoors! Although i did walk an outside labyrinth at a church in Jackson Hole, Wyoming once. I found I couldn’t let my mind wander and do that at the same time. It was an interesting experience. Maybe because there were clear boundaries with the labybrinth?

    • Sunrise pic C! I’m very much a morning person ☀️ when it comes to meditation, there is no right or wrong way!!! Once I understood that, I was good to go!!!! I’ve never walked a labyrinth,,it’s on my bucket list!!!

  2. I love this post 🙂 I know exactly how you feel… I have been having back problems lately and that restricted me a lot and I am know much ,ore mindful of the sensations in my body when I go for walks and I do appreciate being able to go for walks after being bed ridden for a while! Thich Naht Than is a living Saint 🙂 may he stays with us for many, many more years to come 🙂 thank you for that beautiful post!

  3. Beautiful post! Thank you! I’ll read more on walking meditation… I much prefer walking on a sandy beach to concrete. We live next to a pebble beach now. It’s lovely to look at, but not to walk on.

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