Friday’s Soul Stroll……….

“I dressed and went for a walk – determined not to return until I took in what Nature had to offer.”~Raymond Carver~

This morning’s Soul Stroll was beautiful and therapeutic….as they usually are……the wonderful thing about my strolls, is no two are ever the same….I may walk the same stretch of beach every day, but the landscape/beach scape is always changing……

Which of course got me to thinking about how my life has changed,,,and how the changes are continuous……..

“I was tired of fighting the windstorm I was tossed into, and instead I would let go and ride with the winds of change. How bad could it be, compared to the life I knew? I was living life as if it were a rehearsal for the real thing. Another beginning might be rough at first, but any place worth getting to is going to have some problems. I wanted the good life, the life well lived, and you can’t buy that or marry into it. It’s there to be found, and it can be taken by those who want it and have the resolve to make it happen for themselves.” ~ John William Tuohy~

Oh, how the mind can really wander……and the discussions I can hold with myself….good thing I’m a good listener!

….just like the branches of this little seashell tree, forked and going in their own directions, such is life….we/I all come to forks in the road, which in turn leaves us with choices/decisions to make…………..and you thought my strolls were simple! HA

I may not always find my answers, heck most times I’m left with more questions than answers……just means I’ll be taking another Soul Stroll 👣


5 thoughts on “Friday’s Soul Stroll……….

  1. I was living life as if it were a rehearsal for the real thing. (I will never get caught up on your older stuff if you keep posting gems on here!) THIS made me cry. So often I feel as if I’m just the understudy and the actual actress whose life i shadow will never get sick or have to take the night off…

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