Daily Prompt….Would You Drink From The Fountain Of Youth?!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Forever Young.”If there were a real Fountain of Youth, would you drink the water?


Drink it?! More like take a bath in it!!! LOL

Actually, in all seriousness, aging doesn’t frighten or upset me. I’ve never NOT looked forward to my birthday. I entered my 50’s with gusto and I haven’t looked back, even with the aches and pains…As far as I’m concerned, there is no handbook on how to be a 50 something……hence I still dress the way I like to…..love my converse ….. I got my belly button pierced for my 50th birthday along with my continuous addiction to my ink….I march to the beat of my own drummer , actually I play the tambourine…


The negative way aging is portrayed in the media is a travesty as far as I’m concerned…….with all the informercials saturating t.v promising youthful skin, instant weight loss etc., it’s no wonder self-esteem in women of all ages is so low…….seems like there’s always someone coming up with the next magic pill or lotion that will be our ‘fountain of youth’…. And if we just pay X-amount of dollars we too can recapture our youth………exactly who’s in charge of deciding how we’re suppose to look and act at any given age anyway!?!?!   I’m human, and I have fallen for some of those said promises in the past only to find there is no magic potion…….sooooooooooo


….I adhere to my own ‘ritual’ of sorts. I no longer spend tons of money on all kinds of expensive products. Actually my fountain of youth of late is Dove soap and a moisturizer and sunscreen…..eating right and drinking lots of water …. But the real key for me is to not dwell on my age but to Live My Life………so, with all my babble, if the fountain of youth was discovered would I drink the water….Hell Yeah, I’m not that stupid that I’d pass it up!!!! LOL


20 thoughts on “Daily Prompt….Would You Drink From The Fountain Of Youth?!

  1. Am loving your blog, the aesthetics are beautiful and the content is just up my alley. I am in my late 50’s and like you, have retired from the lush cosmetics counters and the jingle jangle of what the commercial world tells us we can have by buying this or applying that!! Give me a tub of coconut oil and a nice garden and my family … oh yes…and my camera lol and I am rich!!!!

  2. Glad to read you are not drinking the commercial kool ade but would have the good sense to belly up to bar of the fountain of youth. A youthful body would be fab but don’t touch my old brain.

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