Sunday Blessings……

“What is a blessing? It is a circle of light drawn around a person to protect, heal, and strengthen.” …. It is a gracious invocation where the human heart pleads with the divine heart…..


“When a blessing is invoked, a window opens in eternal time.” ~John ÓDonohue~
Woke way before the sun this morning and so glad I did. Did my yoga, made coffee and got to enjoy the view of the man in the moon from my front porch along with the gorgeous symphony of crickets….

How Blessed I am to start my day not only with the smiling face of the moon, but also with the warming rays of the sun…..

…..and a pony thrown in for good measure

….when the pain gets to be to much…when I find myself wallowing……I know it’s time to start counting my Blessings. I don’t keep a specific gratitude journal as I do practice gratitude on a daily basis…..but even then, I still have those moments when I need a little reminder………

“For Equilibrium, a Blessing:
Like the joy of the sea coming home to shore,

May the relief of laughter rinse through your soul.

As the wind loves to call things to dance,

May your gravity by lightened by grace.

Like the dignity of moonlight restoring the earth,

May your thoughts incline with reverence and respect.

As water takes whatever shape it is in,

So free may you be about who you become.

As silence smiles on the other side of what’s said,

May your sense of irony bring perspective.

As time remains free of all that it frames,

May your mind stay clear of all it names.

May your prayer of listening deepen enough

to hear in the depths the laughter of god.” 

~John O’Donohue, To Bless the Space Between Us: A Book of Blessings~

10 thoughts on “Sunday Blessings……

  1. Are those some of the wild ponies? That moon picture is so beautiful. I think I am a night person. “To Bless the Space Between Us” is one of my favorite books. I use his blessings in cards to people every now and then.

  2. Beautiful post Linda. Taking my tour of your blog from the beginning I thought August 20th 2015 the day of my mother’s death r.i.p would be a good signpost & found this along the way.
    I find the writing of John O’Donoghue quite meaningful.
    I came across his work when visiting a bookshop in Ireland when I was over for the funeral of my late aunt r.i.p. The green covered book I bought ‘Anam Cara’ I think it was called was quite refreshing to read. I later passed it on to a friend.
    Your post brings Memories Linda of special people, gone but not forgotten.

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