FRIENDSHIP……Beautiful Moments…


*Everything in life is beautiful…sometimes you just have to change your perspective in order to see the beauty.*

(None of the images below are mine….I found them randomly on Pinterest…)







8 thoughts on “FRIENDSHIP……Beautiful Moments…

  1. Isn’t it interesting that kids can go from being so color-blind when they’re young to such bullies and haters by the time they reach junior high age… So sad. And the girls are just as bad as the boys now. There’s a book about that I’ve always meant to read. It’s called “See Jane Hit.”

    My niece was staying with us once while my sis and her husband were on a cruise. Holly was in the first grade, if I remember right. We were walking into a store one day after I picked her up from school and I mentioned something about Stef being adopted. Holly turned to me with eyes as big as saucers and said, “Stefanie is adopted?” She was so shocked. I had to laugh because Stef obviously wasn’t the same color as us.

    That picture of that boy with the groundhog (?) is adorable. Look how big that sucker is!

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