You Like Me! :))))))

Day Four: Give ‘Em What They Want

Today’s assignment: do a basic stats analysis to help you create an editorial calendar for the next 30 days……

So, todays assignment asks us to create an editorial calendar…….I’m not sure if this assignment is really for me. Up until this assignment, I hadn’t even looked at my stats…..I’m pleasantly surprised at some of the numbers…….they’re saying…..


First off, I’d like to say I appreciate every like and comment y’all have given me……while I will take the numbers and give them some thought, it’s not going to sway me either way……I know on any given day, my posts may resonate with some, and yet they may not. That’s to be expected. We can’t please everyone all of the time.

I know if I start trying to hard to please, or to get a like, or a new follower, I’m going to lose sight of why I started to blog in the first place. Actually, I’m still trying to figure that one out!!! Seriously though. I enjoy posting…whatever pops into my head on any given day…I enjoy thought provoking prompts like the ones over at The Sandbox Writing Challenge.. I’m also enjoying the daily/weekly challenges over at Cee’s Photography …. especially since my blog is nature based!!!

So, I’ll continue to do what I do. I know my type of blog isn’t for everyone. I hope those that do stop by find something that appeals to them, that touches them……

I will continue to give a little piece of me in each of my posts…………..that’s all I can do! Hmmmmmmmm….am I still on topic or ‘get’ the assignment?!??!?!??! lol



13 thoughts on “You Like Me! :))))))

  1. Of course I like you!!! 🙂 and I’m like you, I’m still in the process of figuring out what I want to do with my blog.. I just blog about what I like doing and what go through my head really 🙂 your blog is always thoughtful and poetic and elegant and funny and heart felt all at the same time 🙂 whereas mine start to smell of socks a bit 😀

  2. I adore your attitude. I’m much the same way you are. I do watch the numbers somewhat, but I don’t live or die by them. I just blog because I like it. Also, thanks for the mention. 😀

  3. That is a good post..And yeah,I like you,you dont have to worry about that.Like you mentioned I am confused about this assignment as well.If I start paying attention to the stats,I would loose sight of who I am as a blogger.You can’t please everyone can you?! So you keep postingg from you heart,people woukd definitely like that 😉

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