It’s Freaky Friday…Freak Out!

I Love this Girl!!! I wish I had had the guts way back when to embrace my ‘inner freak.’ I kept her hidden for way to long………it was empowering and freeing once I stopped worrying about what others would think and embraced my #truth………and that moment when you know you’ve arrived?! When you pre-teen granddaughter says to you..”Nana, your weird in a really good way, and I like it!!”  😜

It’s been a while since Ive Raised My Glass 🍺  

Fair warning,,,there are some expletives in this video…watch at your own risk! 

…..and to mix it up a bit….lets go old skool and dance to a bit of Le Freak by Chic! (I’m showing my age here! lol)

13 thoughts on “It’s Freaky Friday…Freak Out!

  1. I can relate to those “self imposed ruts” my dear… everyone does feel that way at some point or other in their life. But it feels good to just let go sometimes and let yo freak flag fly honey. LOL 😂


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