On The Road….Again…Saxis Virginia 


Saxis is a town in Accomack County, Virginia, United States. The population was 241 at the 2010 census.[3]


Decided to hit the road and play tourist for the day. Drove to the little bay town of Saxis.


View of the Pocomoke Sound..

Basically, this is a little town of waterman…your not going to get crabs any fresher than these, unless you catch them yourself. 

No traffic lights, and because of the not so nice weather, no people!

…..and after a nice afternoon of driving around…it was time for ….
A Blue Moon 🍺 CHEERS! 

17 thoughts on “On The Road….Again…Saxis Virginia 

  1. I love seeing and visiting historical places, I feel in awe of the time long ago. I live in a very young country, New Zealand and seeing a town dating back to 1664 is a wonderful gift. Thank you for sharing your journey.

  2. Linda (I hope that’s your name, its on the photos… if not please let me know)… it looked like fun, except 4 the weather. On another note, I’m getting my very first Tattoo for my 55th birthday after my return from Rome. Your tattoos are amazing! Please consider doing a post on your tattoos and what you need to know before getting one. I’d love your insight on the matter. ~Bridgette

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