Breaking Boundaries..

Here’s my interpretation of this weeks challenge Daily Post Weekly Challenge: Boundaries This week, share your take on “boundaries” — please feel free to interpret the theme as literally (or not) as you see fit.

Hurricane and Nor’ester Storms have no boundaries…(hard to overlook as we’re smack in the middle of this stuff!!)

Mother Nature makes her own rules and boundaries….

I’ll never tell 😃☺️

22 thoughts on “Breaking Boundaries..

  1. The first picture gave me chills…It looks exactly like a local harbor did 10 years ago. On the last one, I was squinting to see if someone had drawn a nekkid stick figure under the sign 🙂

  2. Glad to hear you’re okay. I’ll bet that Nor’easter has been responsible for the last 3 days of rain. Glad to know Joaquin is staying out to sea. I’m sure it’ll keep the sky cloudy and the days wet until its done.

      • Oh we have the same issue happening here on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. At Noosa Heads there is a remote bay that has always been used by nude bathers…. you have to walk a long way to get there and it is not as if you are going to stumble across it unknowingly … actually that is exactly what I did when I first walked there…. but it didnt stop me and my girlfriend from dipping our toes in the water and enjoying the sensational pristine beach. But now there are those wowsers who want to prohibit the nudists activities …. seriously …why are we so offended by our own natural state?!!!

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