Live Life To Express..Not Impress (The Sandbox Writing Challenge)

The Sandbox Writing Challenge 9: What Would You Say About Yourself 
Imagine wanting to impress this woman, what would you say about yourself?

(via pinterest)

(via pinterest)

HaHa….My immediate, first response in my head was why the hell would I want to impress HER?! So, I back- pedaled a bit and decided to give it some thought. If this was 25 years ago and I was on a job interview, obviously I would have to ‘sell’ myself as the right person for that job, impress her with my skills to prove I was the right person for that job. But it’s not 25 years ago……….


My response from the NOW ME is, I wouldn’t try to impress her, or anyone else for that matter. I’ve worked hard to get myself to ‘this place’. I work at being as good a person as I can be. I treat people kindly and respectfully. What I won’t do is pretend to be something I’m not just to impress someone…..I know not everyone is going to like me or get me, and I’m OK with that. More than OK! If you have to go against yourself in order to impress someone, they’re not worth the time or the energy. Life is way to short for that…..That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! 🙂



14 thoughts on “Live Life To Express..Not Impress (The Sandbox Writing Challenge)

  1. (Btw, your pix aren’t showing up on here.) I’m going to enjoy reading what folks write this week. I keep asking myself if there’s a level of maturity you have to get to to reach that place you’re talking about… Donna’s response was similar.

    • OML! I just had another Dementia Moment! I hit post comment and when I looked up, there was Jane’s picture to the right and I thought, how’d I get to Jane’s blog??? Didn’t last as long as the sandals episode. Maybe I’m getting better! o_O

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  3. Being in a position where you have to “sell” yourself, is liking walking into a room where all the air has been sucked out. Not having to “sell” myself or feel the need to “sell” myself is one of the greatest gifts of the wisdom that hopefully comes aging.

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