Thursday’s Pondering….

“Take a moment, find something to be genuinely happy about, and you can literally feel that positive energy flowing in you. Now step forward and put it to work.”

Embracing the beauty and gift of this new day ☀️ 

Stuff happens that we have no control over. We sit up in the wee hours of the morning, working on a plan for each scenario, not knowing which one is going to have to be the one we play out. But, as the sun comes up, we know in our hearts, that we will make it. No matter which way this thing goes, together we can handle anything that comes our way. 

And in the beauty of the early dawn, we’re grateful. New Day. New Beginning.



5 thoughts on “Thursday’s Pondering….

  1. There is a beautiful little book about grieving and change that I buy from Amazon and have given to many people. I am drawn to this book not just because of what it says, but because of the format with all the beautiful pictures — full-page pictures! The pictures are so comforting to me. The book is called “Welcoming Change” and is by James E. Miller. Go have a look at it because I’m thinking with your pictures and positive spin on life, this is the kind of book you are destined to do. (Not on grieving, of course.) Here’s the link:

    Just look through the book on there and you’ll see what I mean. It’s so right up your alley!

    • ❤️ Thank You C. Jim and a few close friends have been at me for the past few years to do something like that. It’s that confidence thing, the lack of it, that’s held me back. I did put together a small book for each of my children for Christmas a few Christmas’s back….maybe I’ll take on a winter project and see what I come up with! Thanks for the boost!!! 😀

      • You know you can always do an ebook yourself that takes all the fear out of it. Ruth Williams over at praypower4today did a little short one — I mean REALLY short, like 15 pages or something — about affirmations in one evening and published it. She was only going to ask .30 for it, but Amazon won’t sell a book for less than 1.00, she said. So they set the price at 3.13. Imagine that, for a couple hours of work. Did it all at her computer.

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