Doorway to………

Prompt Stomp Week #2…Door This week we are going to cover, probably the most obvious and one of the most used objects in our homes, THE DOOR. We open doors to let people into our homes. We open doors to a workplace and metaphorically we open doors of opportunity, or sometimes they close on us.
However you perceive the word “DOOR” , tell us about it……

I’ve Always loved this ‘door’. It’s located here on the island…I’ve never peeked behind it..instead letting my imagination play around with what’s happening behind and beyond this door……I imagine a place where faeries and pixies dance….where gnomes play….I imagine a place of sparkle and light….a place where all get along….a place of love and laughter, bliss and delight….to me it’s a doorway to secret places….
“Okay, paradigm shift, faeries and brownies exist.”~Dawn Marie Hamilton, Just Beyond the Garden Gate~

“Everything you can imagine is real.” ~Pablo Picasso~

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