You Talking ’bout Me?!

Here we are, once again in the sandbox, pulling out the shovels…Sandbox Writing Challenge 10: What Are They Hearing About You? 



Here we go! Put your thinkin’ caps on, pick a picture, and write about what that person (or critter) is learning or hearing about you! Easy-peasy, right?

LOL….this would be the face my mother made upon hearing I was going to be getting remarried. She was like ‘she’s marrying him?” She heard it from my sister….the sister who would tell me I was no longer welcomed to her home, as my being divorced would be to stressful to deal with at her family gatherings?!? (Don’t ask!) I then received a letter from said mother telling me how upset she was that I was going to be getting remarried to a guy who had no money. Instead of being happy that I found a guy who not only loved me, but liked me and ‘got me’ didn’t matter…..This coming from a woman who made marriage a game…she was married 6 times! She never did really get it right! She never found her money man….My sister did. She dumped her fiancé when she met this other guy who had a savings account! So they live in the right zip code, shop the high end stores, drive the bmw’s…the material stuff she’s got, but not the true happiness…………….so, they can talk and make all the faces they want….They don’t need to get me. I’m richer than either of them will ever be!!! 

…and thanks C!! Because of this prompt,,,I keep singing this song!!! lol

4 thoughts on “You Talking ’bout Me?!

  1. That post made me feel angry and sad for you in turns… Are things still up in the air between you all or did they ever slow down? And believe it or not, I’ve never heard that song. I had quit listening to the radio by then. I liked it a lot!

    • Actually,,I haven’t spoken to any of them in over 11 years now. I’m over the sad and the mad….Just because you share a bloodline doesn’t mean that a blood relationship is good for you….they’re toxic…for me anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no prize, but I tried more times than I care to count. When the end came, I felt nothing but free,,and lighter than I’d been in a very long time. I care and keep them all in my prayers, but that’s it. I’ll never compromise myself or my own well being just because it’s suppose to be ‘politically correct’ to have a relationship with your family……….

      and with that my dear friend who coaxes all this out of me (it’s very therapeutic!) I’m hanging up the phone!!! lol 😄

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