The Fascination Of It All……

This weeks installment of The Sandbox Writing Challenge 11 is to write about what fascinates you………I decided instead of just making a list of things that could possibly go on and on and on, I’d just list a few things that jumped out at me when I first read the prompt……

Please forgive me this one…as a rule, I NEVER post anything political, I usually stay away from it. With that said, it’s hard to overlook what’s going on in the political arena these days. It fascinates me to think that our two ‘front’ runners are an accused liar…

….and an egotistical bully….

Really?! I keep waiting to hear Rod Sterling and the opening to The Twilight Zone….

Mother Nature…The Four Elements….and how connected we are to nature…

Dragonflies…..this beautiful little creature  who is associated with water, with air as well as earth…who symbolizes change and renewal…living in the moment, the opening of ones eyes…who always seems to pop up just when I need him/her..


….and last, but certainly not least, my grandchildren…who help me see the wonder and fascination of the world through a child’s eyes once again. 



9 thoughts on “The Fascination Of It All……

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  2. I laughed out loud about Clinton and Trump and Rod Sterling! I guess I should really be crying, eh? And I know exactly what you mean about seeing the world through your grandkids’ eyes. You fall in love with the world all over again, don’t you…

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