Friday is here…with it comes another installment of the Daily Post Weekly Challenge . This week it’s Careful …This week, show us something careful β€” a photo taken with care, a person being careful, or a task or detail requiring care.
 I went in a few different directions with this…..

When getting a coffee to go, always be sure your cup has its little cardboard ‘skirt’ so you can safely handle your cup!

Next up, whenever sitting outside enjoying a cocktail or two or three, be sure to have plenty of sunscreen….

……the sunscreen works double duty for me, as it’s important not only to protect my skin for the obvious reasons of cancer,,,it helps preserve my tattoos…..which brings us to my next photo….always be sure when getting a tattoo, your aware of the reputation of your artist and said tattoo parlor… can’t be to careful!πŸ’‰

Last, but not least, always take care of our forests and hiking trails, by paying attention to the signs! They are there for your protection as well as nature’s! You don’t want a run in with some poison ivy! Not Good! 🚷


6 thoughts on “CAUTION!Β 

  1. You covered it all like a Rembrandt! Grand slam! Especially about the poison ivy. I got too close this summer for the first time in my life. I strongly recommend appreciating it from a good distance.

    • Oh noooo!! You poor thing! Knock on wood, I always had an aversion to to,,as I kid I could walk through it or poison sumac with no problems, so I’ve never had it. You won’t find me walking through it or rubbing up against it anyhow, best to be safe than sorry!! And Thank You!!!! πŸ˜„

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