Writing 101..Assignment 1 πŸ–‹

Day 1: I write because…………….

Actually, I am not a writer, preferring to tell my stories through my photographs and borrowed quotes of other writers. By signing up and participating in Writing 101,  I’m completely stepping out of my comfort zone and into uncharted territory for me. Staring at a blank page, trying to find the words, trying to find my voice and ‘put it out there’ is taking a leap of faith. I have waded into the pool, so to speak, by participating in the The Sandbox Writing Challenge over at Impromptu Promptlings, and I’m hoping that the weekly challenges over there have helped to prepare me in some little way for my daily assignments here. 

I’m not looking to write a work of fiction so much as finding a way to add my own voice, my own words and feelings to my photographs…….

I write because I have something to share, something to say, and I’m hoping I can find the way……

19 thoughts on “Writing 101..Assignment 1 πŸ–‹

  1. Hey, you will be fine. I was a kid that having experience physical and other kinds of abuse alls I did was get into fights and communicate with my fist, and yes draw (sketch) it is all communication, like your photos. We strive to say something. When I began to read and write, possibilities expanded. Healing began (my story). So you have wonderful adventures ahead of you. You will do greatly.

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