Writing 101….To Write or Not To Write ๐Ÿ–‹

Our assignment for Day 9 in Writing 101 is to share: What do you do when youโ€™re not writing? How do you reset and return to this dashboard, refreshed? What do you need in your day-to-day life to maintain balance: Running? Yoga? Gardening? Painting? Cooking?

I’m in no way, shape or form someone who writes for a living….I am a woman who is slowly finding her voice, and enjoying the camaraderie of some amazing bloggers and writers here at WP. Your influences and your words are inspiring and I’m learning so much.

I’m slowly gaining confidence in my writing abilities. My words share my life, my world. In order for me to find the proper avenue I wish to take on any given day, I need to step away from my IPad/PC, away from the ‘noise’ of social media. The way I do that is by taking my Soul Strolls on the beach…

These little strolls help me decompress and rewind. They also inspire me. With views like this, one can’t help but be inspired! When I get back from my strolls, I’m refreshed and ready to roll.

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