My Morning Musing … Letting the scene write itself 🖋

Today’s Writing 101 Day 10 assignment is as follows: So far, we’ve found inspiration from our own experiences, images, words, and more. Today, let’s quietly observe the world around us and write about what we see.
Find a spot where you can sit and observe for at least 20 minutes: a bench at a park, shopping mall, or museum; from inside your car in a parking lot; or even a place close to home, like your front porch. Ideally, it’s a location where you can watch action and interaction in a setting (between people, wildlife, weather, etc.).


I took my assignment to the beach. My morning Soul Strolls are an integral and much needed part of my day…… They are calming and meditative…….with that said, this assignment was a bit more difficult for me, but hope I’ve done it some justice?!
Walking slowly and quietly along in the morning light,

The contrast between light and dark is evident.

I find a place to sit on the coolness of the sand.

From my resting place I can watch the clouds float by,

And listen while the crescendo of the waves hypnotize.

 The briny quality of the air is quite pleasing

to all my senses.

I lose track of time,

Reconnecting with Mother Earth

and with Spirit. 

Refreshed and renewed,

I can start my day. 



7 thoughts on “My Morning Musing … Letting the scene write itself 🖋

  1. Yum… Very beautiful. I could hear the surf in your words. Those clouds looked very threatening! And yet there you are, lost in your own meditative space. So cool… (Literally! It looked very cold! How far is the beach from your house?)

  2. Your pictures are beautiful and your words are just as lovely to compliment them. I can feel the salty ocean breeze in your description, so wonderful. Being outside on moments like those really do make you feel one with yourself and nature. 🙂

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