Take A Chance On Change 

Writing 101 Day 15 suggests taking a cue from readers. I’m not a poll person, so I’m using one of the suggested passages they provided.

“Our truest life is when we are in our dreams awake.

~ Unknown source, from a fortune cookie~

  • Have you received a message in a fortune cookie that moved you?

I Love Chinese Food. Whether it’s one of those all-you-can-eat buffets, a small intimate place or getting take-out, you say Chinese Food and I’m in. We all know that the ending of any Chinese Meal comes with Fortune Cookies. I don’t know many people who actually eat them, but we all grab ours for the fortune inside. Sometimes they mean nothing….but every once in a while, one pops up that just fits….like this one…….I’ve kept it in my wallet for years……

This was in my fortune cookie the first time that Jim and I had a Chinese meal together. The fact was, I/we were smack dab in the middle of major life changes. For me, I was letting go of a past that wouldn’t allow me to change, a life that wouldn’t allow me to grow, so instead of living I was slowly dying inside. Though it was/is only a little scrap of paper, the timing wasn’t lost on me. The changes that were occurring were allowing me to grow, to open my heart and my mind. It was also bringing about our new life together. Change can be scary, but what’s scarier is not opening yourself up to those changes, changes that just may take you where your suppose to be. 

Life is meant to be lived. Sometimes it comes down to choices. Take a risk and make a change, or play it safe and never know what could have been or what could be. For me, there was no other option. It was about my survival. The changes I made allow me to live again!

10 thoughts on “Take A Chance On Change 

  1. Drollery and I save fortunes, too. In fact, he always jokes about writing a book called Fortune Cookie Faith. LOL Sometimes the universe sends us a message just when we need it, eh? My friend in Australia was having a booth at an expo earlier this month. She was so worn out. She and her hubby went out for dinner the night before it was over and he had on a plain, white t-shirt. As they were eating, she noticed across the front of it was the word REST! She was floored. It was actually a shadow from the word restaurant on the window. She got the message! Great post!

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  3. I’m glad you’ve chosen to change and step on a whole new path of new choices, I’m sure it will work out if you maintain high self-esteem if it’s not working for you now. Best of luck dear blogger. 🙂

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