Put On Your Dancing Shoes!!!

A little Uptown Funk…Golden Age Style!

Shared this over on FB and it was a hit…..whoever put this together spent quite a bit of time on it..Nailed it as far as I’m concerned!! Enjoy and get your Funk On!!!!


14 thoughts on “Put On Your Dancing Shoes!!!

  1. OML! Someone has the most acute musicality I’ve ever seen! There’s a scene in there with a ballerina from one of my favorite old movies — the one that made me want to dance — The Unfinished Dance. That was freakin’ amazing! I was kind of sad, though, to not see any dancing from White Christmas. It was full of great dancing, and Vera Ellen was one of the best dancers of all time (though anorexic). Lordy! I so totally enjoyed that!

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed this. Interesting how when matched up to Bruno Mars’ music, it really updates some of the dance moves of the past. They were the originals.

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