If I Could Do One Thing…….

This weeks assignment over at The Sandbox Writing Challenge  Calen wants to know….If there was a Crystal Ball and If you could foresee one accomplishment in your future, what would you like it to be?

For me, My children are my biggest and proudest accomplishment. With all the mistakes I’ve made, they’ve grown into 3 amazing adults. They humble me, they’ve forgiven me my past poor choices that did affect them, And they tell me through my mistakes and my love for them, they’ve learned from me….Somewhere along the way I did something right.


But that doesn’t fully answer the question now does it?! If I could accomplish one thing, and I’m not sure if this fits under accomplish so much as a dream, and money wasn’t an issue…Id like to buy a ton of land so I can save all the wild mustangs. Each January, I search for a ranch that’s for sale with as much land as possible. I print it out, tack it on my vision board, along with pictures of the horses I’d like to save and set free. Right now, my ranch and land of choice is in Wyoming….

This upsets me….these magnificent animals deserve to live their lives running free…… Not running from helicopters.


One day I’d like this to be a thing of the past……


And this be the horses and my future…their freedom and me getting to photograph them…..Operation Save The Wild Mustangs and Linda Living In Wide Open Spaces Accomplished!!!! 


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