Thanksgiving Morn ☀️ Always Have a Grateful Heart ❤️

Early morning Blessings rise with the sun.

The golden glow lights everything afire.

Thanksgiving Blessings are felt as the warm glow of a new day emerges.

It is also a reminder to keep a Grateful Heart, not just today, but everyday. 


Since moving down here, we’ve started our own little traditions. As always, we welcome in the new day with a Thanksgiving Blessing and toast of mimosas on the beach. Breakfast consisted of coffee and French toast muffins this year (I made the muffins on Tuesday and OML were they good!)

We came home, and put Mr. Tom turkey in the oven. Then it was off to the base. I started baking goodies for the men and women of the fire dept. who have to work the Holiday shift about 5 years ago. This morning we delivered Pumpkin Bread, along with giant chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies. I love delivering the goodies and visiting with them. I do this on Christmas morning as well. 

Past years we’ve opened our home and shared our meal with anyone who was going to be alone….this year it will be just the two of us. I’ll FaceTime with all the kids and grandkids….we’ll then enjoy our meal and then…….. turkey coma!!

 Late night turkey sandwiches and watching Jumanji rounds out our day. Kristen and I started the Jumanji tradition and though she and I can’t be together to watch it, we watch it and text each other though-out the movie,,,this year Landon is joining in!!! 


Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow bloggers! I’m truly grateful and thankful for the last few months of getting to know y’all through your blogs, and for the time you’ve taken out of your days to visit mine. Wishing all of you a Beautiful Day ☀️☀️


10 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Morn ☀️ Always Have a Grateful Heart ❤️

  1. Happy Thanksgiving! That’s great that y’all do that those who aren’t able to be with family today. We open our door to them as well. Two friends are joining us today because they’d otherwise be without family. Have a great day! Jumanji is awesome by the way! Love the monkeys and the big game hunter cracks us up. Great movie. 😃

  2. The pictures were beautiful today. Especially the second one. The first one of the sea struck me in a different way, like the waves were playing tag with the shore. Rolling in to touch it then running away before they could be tagged. Feeling fanciful this morning, apparently!

    Didn’t Melody Beattie write “Codependent No More?”


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