And That’s A Wrap!!! 🖋


Morning Light Paints The Sky

Fiery Orange and Yellow.

Marsh Water Is All Aglow

In The Reflected Light.

Earth and Sky

Awaken, In A Blaze Of Glorious Color.


Day 20 of Writing 101 is here! This has been an enlightening little journey for me. It pushed me to step out of my comfort zone and dig deep inside myself, to search and find my words. For a quote hound like myself, finding my voice and using my own words is huge. I’m finishing this ‘course’ feeling accomplished and even a bit proud of myself.
I appreciate those of you who stopped by and liked, commented and critiqued.
And a big Thank You to……………
@cherilucas (Cheri)
@therichmonderatlarge (Gracie)

@bdukes (Brooke)
@twenty7zero3ninety1 (Sandy)
………..for all your time and effort to help us along!!!!

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