Embracing Change In 2016

I’m not into New Years Resolutions….but I am into Change (my word for the year Chris…Journaling Journey)


I will continue to ride the winds of change. I look foreward to the transformation 2016 will bring. With these transformations, comes an awakening of Spirit. This will open the portals for me to continue to move forward mentally, physically and emotionally.

So, what kind of changes do I foresee for me, myself and I in 2016?!?

  • I will stop procrastinating. Now is the time to take flight. Taking a chance, a risk, is better than waking up one day saying “if only I had”.
  • I will stop doubting myself and standing in my own way. I will start Believing in myself and my capabilities.
  • I will be a friend to myself.
  • Longer Soul Strolls (a must for my Spiritual growth)
  • Pulling up my bootstraps and getting back on the getting fit and healthy band wagon (it’s time!)
  • A promise to myself to ‘listen’ to what my body, my spirit are trying to tell me.

Well, you get the gist of it. It’s a good start.

I also want to take this opportunity to say Happy New Year and Thank You, to all of you, my WP friends/family. The last 5-6 months has been an amazing journey through blog land. Because of  y’all, this experience has turned into an incredible ride and eye opening adventure.

It would be remiss of me to not include a special shout out to Lady Calen (Impromptu Promptlings). Your friendship, your support, and encouragement have been a guiding force on this journey of mine. I’m forever grateful.


(Photos via Pinterest)

The Journey Continues…..

The hands of time

Tick tocking the moments away.

Soon, now,

The final chapter 

Of this book will be written.

The last period put in place,

And the book will be closed.



Reflection will follow.

There were stormy seas

That pounded and tried to break me.

There were times of peaceful calm,

When all seemed right.


What I have found

On this journey,

Is that my life

Is/was somewhere in the middle.

The rough seas help make me stronger.

The calm revitalizes.

In the middle, I find a cohesiveness

That makes my life’s journey

Explicitly my own.


The book is closed now.

A new one ready to be written.

With pen in hand,

I will turn the page,

Let the journey continue.



I’m Worth Keeping……

   I find myself once again, in the sandbox, digging deep into places that haven’t been touched in sometime. The Sandbox Writing Challenge asked the question: If you could, what parts of yourself would you throw out?

Really?!?! That’s a hell of a question to be asking someone who’s been working so hard to accept themself in every which way……even the parts that I would throw out play a part in who I am. My feeling on this is, if I should/could throw away some aspect of who I am,,I’ll lose part of myself.. .My flaws, my imperfections, my idiosyncrasies make me who I am, they make me a whole person,,slightly cracked and skewed, but Me none-the-less.

 So, my answer is…I wouldn’t throw any part of me out to the curb. That’s not to say I won’t keep working and striving to change some things,,,but you won’t find me on the garbage heap! 


The Lighthouse 🌅

By the light of day

You stand, quiet, tall and proud,

A sentinel to all.

We look up to you,

And listen for the whispers,

The secrets of  the Keepers.


In the darkness of night,

You come alive to

Shine your light for all.

Your light reaches out

It lights up the sky….


Brightly it shines

For all to see.

Your a beacon of hope,

For those souls lost…….at sea.