Turn On The Lights ðŸ’¡

I’ve missed the last few weeks of the Prompt Stomp over at The Momhood..Prompt Stomp Week 9 This weeks subject is Light. 

First up is Morning Light ☀️ Sunrise. 


Next up…Lamp Light


And next up, Christmas Lights. My daughter took these of Landon, redecorating his tree a few years ago.

My last photo, our Lighthouse. Beacons of Hope.



10 thoughts on “Turn On The Lights ðŸ’¡

  1. OMG! You have a lighthouse there, too?!! I’m SO freakin’ jealous! Those pictures of Landon are beautiful. We have one somewhere of Bran when he was three kneeling by the Advent wreath with his chin resting on his hands, elbows on the coffee table. He’s staring at the lit candles. All the lights in the room are off. He looks so pensive. Arn shot a picture of it using a starlight filter on the lens so there are stars on the candles. It’s a beautiful picture. I really should have gotten it blown up. If I can find it I’ll have to scan it and show you.

  2. What a sparkling Christmas tree, may be one of the sparkling I have seen but the one photo which stood out the most for the Prompt Storm challenge is the sunrise picture. It seriously reminds me of sunrise shoots from National Geography in some part of Africa. Major cool!

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