Read The Signs ☮

This weeks Black & White Photo Challenge over at Cee’s Photo Challenge is SIGNS!

First up….My friends house has a nickname.. 

 Dave’s Truck……
 This hangs at a winery with an outdoor brick pizza oven.., 
The powers that be are no fun!!!   
Today’s subject now has this song by Tesla stuck in my head!!

16 thoughts on “Read The Signs ☮

  1. I love the Carl Jung quote at the brick oven place. I’ve got that one on my blog somewhere, too. And hey! Both our houses have names! Where did you get your metal sign done? My sister made the pretty wooden one in my side bar, but I KNOW what will happen if I put it out front. All the hot glue is going to melt and it’s gonna fall apart. Would break her heart.

  2. I love the pics. There is something that is more thought provoking about a black and white photo than a colored one. And the Tesla video. OMG. That is a blast from the past. Love it!!!!!!

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