A Sarah McClachlan Kinda Christmas 

I Love Love Love this Woman’s Voice…..Just wanted to share! 😄

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen is my favorite Christmas song..Love this version of it!

Song For A Winters Night I listen to this one year round!


And Sarah’s version of Happy Xmas (War Is Over) ….. if only 

4 thoughts on “A Sarah McClachlan Kinda Christmas 

  1. I do love her. I hadn’t heard her version of “Happy Christmas.” I like Lennon’s version of it, too. But I LOVE that version of GRYMG! Very jazzy! The pictures in the “Song for a Winter’s Night” are just gorgeous! I get so bitten by the music bug this time of year… You, too, I see.

  2. Thank you SO much, Linda, for bringing such beautiful music into this Solstice celebration! I also love Sarah’s voice! What is wonderful is hearing River by a third person, and I can’t figure out which one is my favorite! 🙂 A day which begins with music is one filled with the greatest gifts!
    A Very Merry Solstice!
    Peace, Love and Blessings with Hugs,

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