Winter Solstice ❄️


As we welcome in winter

On this,

The shortest 

And darkest day of the year,

It’s a time of reflections

A time for slowing down,

A time to listen

And hear what the

Sounds of silence,

Are whispering.


On this,

The shortest of days,

Begins the rebirth

Of the sun.

The lengthening of days,

A return of the light,

And renewed life.


17 thoughts on “Winter Solstice ❄️

  1. I’m surprised at how the solstice has affected me this year. I was up with muscle spasms at 3:00 sitting here with ice on my ankle, watching the moon drift in and out of the clouds, haiku running through my head. There was a stillness that says life is about to change. I wonder if I’m ready… Beautiful pictures.

  2. Beautiful in thought and images, as always! My own thoughts go not toward the season ahead, but the returning of the light. I could sleep through the whole of winter, and wouldn’t feel I’ve missed a thing. 🙂

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