Island Snow ❄️



Island Snow

Falls silently

Shutting us off from

The rest of the world.


A bleak wind was blowing,

Lifting the snow,

Causing it to swirl and dance.



The snow blanketed all

In a downy covering of white. 


8 thoughts on “Island Snow ❄️

  1. You make winter inviting. Perhaps it is the silence and having that being cut off from the world part. Your photos are gorgeous. I especially loved the boat, through the trees. There is a serenity in that photo.

      • Smiling at your intended pun 🙂 I have often heard that sweet silence, before anyone is up and about. I hear it in the winter often. When I lived in the mobile home, late at night I’d go stand by the open window (no matter how cold) just to hear the silence, feel the peace it created.

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