The Lighthouse πŸŒ…

By the light of day

You stand, quiet, tall and proud,

A sentinel to all.

We look up to you,

And listen for the whispers,

The secrets of  the Keepers.


In the darkness of night,

You come alive to

Shine your light for all.

Your light reaches out

It lights up the sky….


Brightly it shines

For all to see.

Your a beacon of hope,

For those souls lost…….at sea.



21 thoughts on “The Lighthouse πŸŒ…

      • I’ve some really cool ones on the Great Lakes as well. Those along the OBX are mystical though, and the Graveyard of The Atlantic thing makes them even more mysterious. Hatteras is really great too. Check out the stories of them moving it back a couple hundred yards to avoid rising sea levels and erosion. It’s pretty cool how they moved it, intact.

      • We vaca on Ocracoke Island. There’s one there too. Beautiful setting and keepers house. One of the oldest operating on the East Coast. Not tall but old. I love that most are considered to be haunted as well. Adds to the mysteriousness

  1. What a beautiful post, and homage to the noble Lighthouse! My dad loved lighthouses. He had a collection that was huge. There was barely a surface that didn’t have one upon it.
    I recognized, (I think) a Hopper painting in the video, and many of the lighthouses shown.
    Lovely song, as well!

  2. Your photos of the lighthouse caught my eye as I was scrolling through the WordPress Reader. I just had to click on the link to find out more! That is a lovely poem that you have written. My daughter and I recently visited the lighthouse at Cape Byron (Australia’s most eastern point).

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