I’m Worth Keeping……

   I find myself once again, in the sandbox, digging deep into places that haven’t been touched in sometime. The Sandbox Writing Challenge asked the question: If you could, what parts of yourself would you throw out?

Really?!?! That’s a hell of a question to be asking someone who’s been working so hard to accept themself in every which way……even the parts that I would throw out play a part in who I am. My feeling on this is, if I should/could throw away some aspect of who I am,,I’ll lose part of myself.. .My flaws, my imperfections, my idiosyncrasies make me who I am, they make me a whole person,,slightly cracked and skewed, but Me none-the-less.

 So, my answer is…I wouldn’t throw any part of me out to the curb. That’s not to say I won’t keep working and striving to change some things,,,but you won’t find me on the garbage heap! 


9 thoughts on “I’m Worth Keeping……

  1. I do believe you and I think alike! This is a most wonderful post, and we may have some broken parts, but they can be fixed, and become useful. or perhaps are already useful, as they are, teaching us important things about ourselves, as we work.

    Here’s to keeping all of ourselves, no matter what.


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