If Walls Could Talk..

New Year, New Week, More Challenges over at Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge. This weeks subject is Buildings.

My first photo is a barn I shot while randomly driving around the back roads of Pennsylvania.



Next is a photo of our Island Theater…


Next is our Island Library. The first photo is a front view. The little building was a barber shop before it became the library. Chincoteague Library


The next photo shows the addition that was finished in 2009, the same year I became a volunteer. I was ther until 2014 and loved every moment.


And lastly, this etching is in the side of a building that is now home to a souvenir shop in town.


33 thoughts on “If Walls Could Talk..

  1. I love Black/White photographs there is nothing like them. You have captured the buildings for posterity. The Theatre is just what I imagined American Theatres would have been like, not these ugly things they have now. We have two Theatres in my Town one is within the Town Hall but the other is five minutes from me and it is old and preserved. You are encouraging me to get out there with my Camera. Well done, I love what you do.

      • I don’t go to the movies either, and I should be ashamed as we have the two Theatres here, one just through the Churchyard top of my road and only once have I been in the little Theatre. We should preserve the old, new does not always mean better.

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  3. Those photos are spectacular. There is something more beautiful about a black & white photo. There is a certain sadness–but not in a bad way, and melancholy feel about them. You are such a great photographer! More please!

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