My Lips Are Sealed πŸ’‹

Oh…the Sandbox Writing Challenge is proving to be not so fun a place to play!! It’s asking us if we want to share a secret?!?! Something we’ve done that nobody knows about. My response was a Hell No!!! And then the next thing to come to mind was the song by the All-American-Rejects…Dirty Little Secret 

Then I took a Soul Stroll into town, mulling it over, and came up with this….

You asked if I had secrets

Secrets I wish to share

They’re written in my journals

And whispered in the air…..

Some secrets are meant for keeping

Not meant to be said aloud

A little bit of mystery

Hidden behind the shroud

Confessed to my Creator

To set myself free

Forgiveness was given

Whole-Hearted and Lovingly.


That, dear friends and readers of the Sandbox, is about as much as I wish to reveal. πŸ™Š

 ……..and for your listening pleasure Our Lips Are Sealed




24 thoughts on “My Lips Are Sealed πŸ’‹

  1. Thanks for today’s chuckle…loved your reply-Hell, No!! to Sandbox question. So agree, need that bit of mystery but if you Ever want to swap ‘secrets’ just give me a call. Think we both have a few good ones!! and I’ll Never tell. lol –your FL friend

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  3. I’ve always been uncomfortable with these challenges to reveal a secret. It’s a favorite of workshops to get people to open up. But, I prefer to be unopened about some things. That’s why they’re called secrets.
    Nice poem though, I like it.

  4. You wrote a really beautiful poem. Simply starting a blog felt very revealing itself, but to actually tell a secret…well I can’t see that happening with me anytime soon. πŸ™‚

  5. I never thought of using poetry for this kind of challenge, not to mention my poetry muse – who is actually different from my other writing muse – is out to lunch… (?) But it worked VERY well, Linda!

  6. Fabulous poem Linda and a great way to do the post! i didn’t think i’d heard the first song before as I didn’t recognise the band name but must have heard it on the radio at some point as it seemed familiar listening to it. Great way to share while still keeping any secrets / personal revelations safe πŸ™‚

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