Dragonfly Wishes


Dragonfly Wishes

Walking through the marshy

grasses and reeds,

I see you…

Darting and dancing on the breeze.

Iridescent wings

Sparkle in the light,

A living flash of color

In harmonious flight.

I watch in amazement

As you hover near,

I feel your wings fluttering

As you whisper in my ear.

I hold my breath

And listen,

I can barely hear a sound…

But it’s Dragonfly Wishes

That reach deep deep down…

Down to my Soul

My spirit is set free

By my Dragonfly Wishes

One, two, three………



(Both photos courtesy of Pinterest)

14 thoughts on “Dragonfly Wishes

  1. This post is totally awesome! Nice writin’, Tex! That first picture… I’m (trying) reading a book called “Mystic” where the gal sees mysty critters in sparkling outlines. Man! The dragonfly in that first picture is exactly how I pictured them in my head!

  2. I saw this post in my WP reader and was struck by the incredible image – then I read your poem and was struck with its beauty as well! I love dragonflies and this post captures their essence!

  3. Both photos are really great! Nice find on Pinterest!
    Your words bring me back to late afternoons in the late summer, sitting in my back yard. As I would sit, listening, feeling, seeing, breathing in the delicious lush scent of the season, after a few moments, a visitor would light upon my open journal. Beautiful dragonfly! To commune so closely, with such a beautiful being, is everything.

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