Saturday Serenade..🎤

My friend Jeremy over LongDistanceLoveBombs❤️💣, and who happens to be a very Cool Guy, shared a post on FB last evening inviting us to check out friends of his, a group called GRIZFOLK. I wasn’t sure what to expect, what the heck is a GRIZFOLK anyway?!  I went. I listened. I liked. I downloaded…sitting here listening and thought I’d give them a SHOUT-OUT! ENJOY!

This was the first song I listened to and downloaded….

Next came this one….hell, you can’t go wrong with a song title like Bob Marley!

And this one just sealed the deal and I ended up with the whole album! 😄

9 thoughts on “Saturday Serenade..🎤

  1. Oh! I loved “Bob Marley!” If I actually had an MP3 player I’d be tempted to download that one. They are quite good, aren’t they.

    I’m wondering if you’re going to start having a regular Saturday music event. Saturday Serenade is an awesome title. I’ve finally figured out I am so at a loss because I dropped out of the music scene for so long, that I’m getting kind of hard pressed to continue my SSAL. But I love listening to songs you and Fim pick out. I’m learning I’ve missed some good music.

  2. Great sound! Also LOVED the Bob Marley song. I went over to youtube and found a concert version of “Waiting For You.” I really like it with full instrumentation! Thanks for the turn on!!!
    What a great idea if you did a music event as well! YAY!

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