Today I Celebrate πŸŽˆ

I say this every year,  but it’s true….it amazes me how fast the time flies by. Yet, it seems like only yesterday. I was Blessed to be chosen to be your mom. Through the years, I think you were are more a teacher to me than I to you. I’m thankful and grateful to know and love the beautiful woman and daughter that you are. β€οΈπŸ™

Happy Birthday to My Stefanie


My Stefanie…

For everything there is a season

And I know the you are grown

But in my heart is a treasure chest

More precious than mere gold

It’s a lifetime of memories

And wonders to behold

A picture book of dreams and secrets

We’ve shared since you were one day old

The magic you created 

It is there within your smile

Enchantment, always embrace it

Keep it with you every mile

Look forward to tomorrow

Yet, never forget yesterday

Where I became not just your Mother

But a friend along the way

In my heart you are still that little girl

I bounced upon my knee

My world became a better place

When God gave you to me

(Happy 33rd. Birthday My Beautiful Stefanie β™₯)

I love you,

Mommy β™₯

(written by: Teresa Shelton Bright)


7 thoughts on “Today I Celebrate πŸŽˆ

  1. A beautiful sentiment. And please give my regards to YOUR Stefanie whose name is spelled just like MY Stefanie! (I’m still looking for a key chain for her with the name spelled that way!)

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