Setting Myself Free 

Another week finds us back at the Sandbox Writing Challenge. We’re suppose to ‘set free our captive parts’ ……asking ourselves these two questions….

What part of YOU is locked inside this house? 

What can you do to free that part of yourself?

Little girl hiding

From the boogeyman.

Some say there is no such thing

But she knows differently.

He comes in the day

He comes in the night

There is no escaping….

She’s his for the taking…..

Locked away

Her cries not to be heard…..


I’m that little girl…that part of me is locked away, hidden in that house. Longing for the protection that would never come.


That Little girl is all grown up

She’s not hiding any more

The boogeyman 

He didn’t win

She opened up that door.

She stepped outside

She took a breath….


(Cheers to Being Free!)

I’m a big girl now…..I’ve opened the door and freed myself, no longer hiding in that house. I Am my own protection….

Forgiveness and acceptance set me free….he can’t hurt me anymore.


24 thoughts on “Setting Myself Free 

  1. You are a remarkable Lady, such courage. Different from you but I locked myself away and only in the last year am I flying free as I want, you are an inspiration. I am so pleased I have got to know you. Take care.

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  3. I can’t begin to tell you how proud I am of you and the way you have embraced this Roberta Allen book and made these challenges so poignant. You are SUCH a great role model!!! {{{SD}}}

  4. I’m beyond words Linda, but have to say I love your dragonfly artwork, your daily companion and reminder of your spirit, your freedom, and your beauty.

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